Pearl T.V. Tower, Pudong Shanghai
So I know I said I'd update every few days or so, but my memory is starting to fail me as we continue to move at breakneck speeds and pack in more and more activities each time ;). We went to the biggest mall in Asia, The Super Brand mall(super Asian name I know), and it was about 10 floors of shopping and eating madness; ya it was gargantuan. Dr. Lilly Cheng, our faculty guide, also showed us what I would consider to be the future of China: a Thai store named Lotus that essentially is a perfect blend of Walmart and Fresh & Easy. Sounds odd, but if you think about it, that is precisely what the Chinese populous needs. Anyways besides all that neatness, we walked across to the Pudong Shangrila Hotel, which was (needless to say) breathtaking. My powers of description can do nothing but fall short of explaining the amazing structure, fengshui, and luxury of this hotel. After, we got probably one of the better massages I've ever gotten; We were all walking on air after: full body, full foot, and I even threw in a pedicure( ya my feet were nasty!).
To add on even more to our eventful day, we then had dinner at the Sichuan performance theater, for a show called "Changing Faces". As you can see in the video, his faces changed faster than a blink of an eye, which has a remarkable similarity towards how I feel life is right now :) Miss you all!

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