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As always, I can't really go anywhere without meeting new people and mingling with others. Apparently, as my mother says, I've been that way since I was a baby. We met with two professors who collect antiquities from different dynasties earlier that day, and they showed us an entire museum's worth of bowls, paintings, calligraphy, and antiques from all throughout China's history...They were a terribly nice couple who then took us to a lunch of scrumptious dim sum(点心); I'd say one of the top 5 lunches I've ever had!  After our amazing lunch, the ever scheming Lilly Cheng instantly told my classmate and I to prepare for a martial arts performance, because we were going to a community center for a cultural exchange, and it is considered rude if we did not reciprocate. Needless to say I was a little nervous, but I can say that I'm glad that I don't have any videos of that performance. But I do have plenty of the Xinhua Community Center's Cultural event though :). The best one was the cowboys... the best thing I've ever seen, which also of course is the very video that I haven't been able to upload for the last week and a half!!!!! Also as a side note, most of the performers were elder citizens, which gives me hope for our over- 50 population ;). Enjoy what measly pictures I could upload!
Anqi Zhao
6/17/2011 12:13:35

Honey I "climbed the wall" and found this link in your fb. How is everything going in Shanghai? Are getting used to it? I'm glad you're keeping updating everything you're doing, it's gonna be a great treasure for you in your life. Anyway, take care, honey. Leave your phone # for me if you can. Keep in touch! :)

Anqi Zhao
6/17/2011 12:14:31

This is my email


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