I just got back from the world-renowned city of Hangzhou(杭州). It used to be the capital of China a long, long time ago, before they even established one emperor for all of China. It is known in China as the garden city and truly is, one of the most tranquil, beautiful, and scenic areas I've had to have ever traveled to(not sure if that's even English...my language degrades as my others improve ;p). We went to what I believe is called Flying Mountain in Chinese: There was a monk who supposedly imported rocks from the south part of China to build this temple, however when you look at the monastery today, it's as if all the rocks(which are geologically confirmed to be NOT from Hangzhou) are infused to the side of the mountain. Very curious no? It was an amazing place and my meager(and poorly edited) sentences will never do this place enough justice. I hope the video is a perfect taste of how amazing and green this place is. 
 They make 90% of China's silk here in this city, as well as harvest, grow, and sell the world-renowned Dragon Well tea (龙进茶) which has special healing properties and antioxidants. Really cool place, we went to the Emperor's tea grove(where he would derive all HIS tea from) and then went to Silk Farm museum, which sounds boring but was FASCINATING!!! 

                                       On a more personal note: after I got done freaking out and adjusting(like a typical American), life is okay and beginning to take a perspective which I sincerely wish to incorporate into my already growing view on this life :). I believe when you hit hardship, you must simply continue breathing and find a solution around it. 

Rachael Ross
6/5/2011 09:25:42 pm

We'll be following your travels down under- the photos are looking great! You're making me miss Hangzhou <3


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