So, so far I've liked everything we've done on this trip. The last few days we've visited an old house museum named Shikumen(石库门). The name stands for the word "stone entry way" as these traditional, traditional Shanghai villas had an authentic entry way made with stone and sealed with heavy oak doors( similar to ones we've seen in movies). As Shanghai grew, it's population swelled making these dwellings and their prevalence in the city, rather sparse. You may encounter these traditional courtyard and room houses in the country side, but in the city, it is a rare treat.  We learned a great deal about the mysterious Cultural Revolution and some very personal stories of the people who hosted us. 
The illustrious Dr. Cheng then took us to the Park Hyatt which was 92 floors above the Pudong river, overlooking and dwarfing the already giant Pearl T.V. tower. In this unprecedented event, our entire group became closer and bonded while overlooking the illuminated Bund. I named the vlog because my good friend had some Laboutin shoes on. 
This morning, needless to say after being on top of the world all night long, the come down was anything but graceful. However upon our descent, we made our way to another traditional part of Shanghai called the Yu-Yuan gardens. This entire street and neighborhood is all 18th century Chinese architecture with shops carrying every imaginable item you could possibly think of :). From there we walked to the central garden where you could walk through and view the main garden of supposed unsurpassed splendor( I did not, because I was about to faint if I didn't eat). So my friend and I  then decided to wonder around the quaint and mystic alleyways, eat some dumplings(饺子), and get some ice cream to top off our stroll through history.  I can only hope the pictures can do better justice than my meager description. 

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Hey, can you email me the picture that you took of us two at that one bar?



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