So to celebrate the illustrious Professor Zhang's birthday, we all decided on Peking Opera. Well… things never go as planned as there were complications and miscommunications from the theaters and performances(not uncommon in China), but mostly due to the birthday of the Communist Party. So in an effort to reconcile, Professor Zhang recommended a beautiful, endless place called Temple of Heaven. This was the first time I had been there so I was, needless to say, beside myself with excitement. We took some public transit, rode the subway, and walked… for what seemed like years in the forests of the Temple of Heaven. As the night went on, after we ate at the restaurant in the last post, we were all a little disappointed to hear that our new destination for Opera had changed their performance schedule due to the celebration, and the show was now beyond our measly level of comprehension. Dejectedly walking back through the Temple of Heaven was a little less bright this time, until…we heard a noise. ;)

Janet Kaemmerling
7/9/2011 04:36:19 pm

Jiefu, Is the Temple of Heaven a part of the Forbidden City, or once part of the Forbidden City? Seems like in dynasty times this forest-park may have been reserved for royalty only - meaning the Emperor and his family.

Does it date back to one of the dynasties, or is it more recent in age/establishment?


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