So again excuse for the late update... I'll probably be saying that a lot more. Professor Zhang's Chinese language has not only been extensive, but excruciating! It's about 6-7 hours a day of just Chinese, so there is little time to run around, let alone update frequently(with a sub-par internet connection). Regardless, this the second time in Hou-Hai, a very affluent, foreign, trendy bar spot with a night life that can rival ANY city. It is also close to the world famous narrow alley ways known as 胡同(Hutong). The significance of these "small, living lanes" are that they used to be the conduits of Old Beijing; the very veins of the older city. It is where people lived, worked, and traveled before the end of the dynasties. It is really a nice place today, especially after walking for 3 hours previous to coming, as we did. It is a man-made lake in the middle of the city, out the north side of the Forbidden City. It was just part of the royal grounds that has been converted into a park, that you can even rent a boat on!! Which is exactly what we did. I hope you enjoy the scenery as much as we did :).

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    This portion of my trip is where things get better; get interesting. I'm on my second wind in Beijing( a city I definitely prefer) and I'm ready to buckle down and learn some Chinese!


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