Before we went to the Front gate, my teacher was nice enough to invite my classmate and I to an interpretive dance performance that thankfully had little Chinese in it ;p. It possibly was one of the best choreographed dances ranging from martial arts and ballet, to swing and ballroom. It was an enlightening experience. I just threw in those pictures with this post because it was easier; we saw that performance on a Wednesday and wen to 前門or The Front gate on Friday. This place, used to be the foremost outer barrier to the Forbidden City. From royal passageway to family owned shops to high-end, trendy shops and restaurants, Qianmen has become a nice spot to get some local snacks, original Peking duck, or even silk. It was a really surreal to see things like Starbucks and high end clothe stores in traditional style architecture. Anyways, enjoy the pictures below. Miss you all! :)

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    This portion of my trip is where things get better; get interesting. I'm on my second wind in Beijing( a city I definitely prefer) and I'm ready to buckle down and learn some Chinese!


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