So pretty much it feels like I've walked all over China. We had arranged tours at the same place of the Great Wall I was last time. It was fantastic this time around :). We had 2 hours and climbed to the highest part, overlooking the astounding Chinese scenery. Also, let me just say right here: I officially apologize for whatever grammar mistakes I have in my English. Not only is my grammar despicable in English already, but has continuously gotten worse as I learn more Chinese. Because I am lazy and not a historian, you can find information about the Great Wall(actually called long wall in Chinese)here.

Ming Tombs

The ming tombs are a series of tombs dedicated to the emperors of China, started of course by the Ming emperor(hence the name). It's actually more of a somber park with a bunch of pine trees. Beautiful, but somber. Enjoy, it's a nice and completely lavish place.


Janet Kaemmerling
07/10/2011 3:49pm

Jiefu, Perhaps the reason you are winded climbing the Great Wall is because the air you are breathing is so polluted! Really, take a look around you - burning coal puts all kinds of particulate matter into the air. The Chinese know this - why they choose not to go with all that hydro power they have stored in the Three Rivers Dam (Yangtze) is beyond me!


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    This portion of my trip is where things get better; get interesting. I'm on my second wind in Beijing( a city I definitely prefer) and I'm ready to buckle down and learn some Chinese!


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